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Pregnancy  stories for Instagram

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Pregnancy Custom video stories 

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Pregnancy stories to order

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Pregnancy  stories for Instagram to order

Pregnancy Custom video stories for Instagram to order. Maternity, Baby's 1st First. Baby Announcement.
I make Vertical video 1080*1920 with music from YOUR photos for Instagram Stories.
Video Montage from photo.
Instagram account: @z_ifcom
Digital Product. Video File .mp4 only. Duration 14-15 sec. (Instagram requirements for video stories). More longer videos will be cut by Instagram and played with interrupted. I can make custom stories any length, but the price will be different.
Duration 14-15 sec: need 3 photos (the size is at least 1920px height or more) and text (month, place, year). Also, write to me a theme name ("Prague" or "Cleveland" or "Boston" etc.) From these photos I make a story, as in the example.
During 1-3 business days I will make and send the finished file to you with the email (about 18 mb)
If you have a current promotional code with a discount - be sure to let me know
If you have questions, write to me!
discount 50% off
all june
promo code: "JUNE 20"
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